Trans-Asia Photography Review

Horn, C 2013, ‘Of Colonial Photographs and Cultural Resources: the Photographic Archive of the Sarawak Museum’, The Trans-Asia Photography Review, vol. 4, no. 1

This article with the long-ish title “Of colonial photographs and cultural resources: The photographic archive of the Sarawak Museum” appeared in the Trans-Asia Photography Review, in the 2013 Fall edition. It came out of Chapter 5 of my thesis, which was called “Tom Harrisson and his work”. The article is about Tom Harrisson and his efforts during his time at the Sarawak Museum. Harrisson is best known for his “Mass Observation” project in Britain before and during the war. The Mass Observation archive is still well-known among sociologists, but hardly anyone knows that Harrisson later spent many years in Borneo, and that his work there was just as prolific as his work in Britain.
I took the opportunity to publish some of the nicest photographs from my thesis, among them a couple of Harrisson himself. The journal is open access, and so they can be accessed freely.

Here are two of the photographs:

Harrisson at Long Buroi, courtesy of Sarawak Museum

Group picture: Long Buroi villagers and government officials on the way to the Usun Apau. In front, 3rd from left: Tom Harrisson. Lg. Buroi, , Tinjar, 1951. Photograph from the archive of the Sarawak Museum.

Harrisson at Bungalo Segu, courtesy of Sarawak Museum

Tom Harrisson and three Penan men at Harrisson’s home at the Bungalow Segu, Kuching, date unknown. Photograph from the archive of the Sarawak Museum.


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