Orang Ulu of Borneo

Horn, C 2012, Orang Ulu of Borneo: Photographs From the Archives of the Sarawak Museum, Opus Publications, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

In August 2012 the book ‘Orang Ulu of Borneo’ was published with Opus Publications / Natural History Publications in Kota Kinabalu.

 Orang Ulu of Borneo title page

The book was a labour of love, based on over two years of fieldwork with the photographs from the Sarawak Museum, and two exhibitions in which the photographs were publicly shown, one in Kuching and one in Miri. The book doesn’t contain all the photographs from the Sarawak Museum, only a small fraction taken in the north of Sarawak. It also doesn’t contain all the photographs I digitized and repatriated – only about 120 out of over 1000 photographs. The book was mostly an effort to make the photographs available for people to buy, because they had been tucked away at the museum archive for over 50 years, for the most of them. The underlying idea of the fieldwork with the photographs was to add information to the material, so that people—researchers and people from the communities—would be able to make sense of them and work with them in the future. During the fieldwork I realised how important the photographs were for the families and friends of the people in the photographs, which is how the book was conceived. Datuk Chan from Opus Publications, part of Natural History Publications was kind enough to take an interest in the project, which fits well into the publisher’s portfolio of historical literature. The book is now on sale in the Sarawak Museum shop and cafe.

 Orang Ulu of Borneo inside 1 Orang Ulu of Borneo inside 2 Orang Ulu of Borneo inside 3

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